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Niek Schoenmakers /
Niek Schoenmakers /

Niek Schoenmakers (october 1989, Sittard NL) is a Dutch designer, curator and collector. He studied architecture at the Technical University of Delft, concentrating on the re-use of architecture. Niek Schoenmakers works on both sides of the creational process. He is a creator, designing objects and interior spaces and a describer, reporting on the things he sees, his collection and his interests.

As spacecurator Niek Schoenmakers works in the field of architecture, design and art.  Main theme is space. The space between the walls of a room, between the legs of a chair or between the compositions on a canvas. His work is object-focused with a specialism in mid-century and contemporary furniture design.

Niek creates frameworks for spaces, objects and exhibitions. He advises, selects and creates.

Parsons, The New School for Design / 2013
Architecture and Lighting Design / School of Constructed Environments
New York, USA

Technical University of Delft / 2008
BSc, Architecture / 2012
MSC, Architecture / 2012- ended 2014
Delft, NL

Sustainer Homes / Utrecht / NL
Gagosian Gallery / New York / USA
Domaine du Boisbuchet / Lessac / FR
De Architect / The Hague / NL
The Central Government Real Estate Agency / The Hague / NL
Kwarts & Co / Gulpen / NL

Technical University of Delft / Chair collection / Delft / NL
Stichting Zetel / Amsterdam / NL
WNDR/KMR / Milan / IT

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