SPACECURATOR works in the field of architecture, design and art. Leading theme is space: space between the walls of a room, between the legs of a chair or between the compositions on a canvas. We try to unleash the potential the space has by adding or re-arranging a carefully curated selection of objects. In the same way we try to enforce the beauty of an object or artwork by placing it in the right spatial context. In our interior design we like to combine well-known designclassics with vintage items and custom-designed pieces by young designers.

Architect, interior designer, product designer, art collector, furniture collector, writer, traveler, seller, buyer, creator.

So what combines all these things? The answer is equally abstract as obvious: space.

Space is everywhere. Between the walls of a buildings, between buildings and the street, between letters in a text, between paintings on a wall and between the legs of a chair. An object occupies space but also has space surrounding it. How one deals with this space is a challenge Niek gladly excepts. The outcome can be an architectural concept, an interior design, a product design or all three.  The world of art, design and architecture is Nieks world.

‘For me art and furniture design are deeply connected to architecture: they address the same fundamental architectural issues of space, light and material. When I see a piece by Fontana or Perriand, I see architecture.’

Another thing important in Nieks approach of dealing with space, is a personal touch. Space belongs not only to objects: humans are an essential part of the space surrounding us. The human scale is something that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Interior Design
Perhaps the most evident example of this idea, is SPACECURATORS view on interior design.

An interior is a collection of stories. It’s a personal selection of objects, furniture and art that reflect ones character. An interior designer helps curating this collection in a spatial setting.

Also in Nieks product design a personal touch can be discovered. Although most designs have a minimal approach in shape, all items are hand-made or hand-finished, giving them personality. Also the idea of self-assembling is frequently re-appearing theme. The user can select and assemble is own ideal piece of furniture. Initiated by Niek, finished by you.

A spacecurator takes care of the space surrounding him. He selects, adds, designs objects that occupy this space or leave this space empty. His work deals with space on different scales: urban design, architecture, exhibition design, interior design, product design.

Niek Schoenmakers is a spacecurator.

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